JHQ Rheindahlen houses the Headquarters United Kingdom Support Command which is the administrative HQ of the British Army in Europe. JHQ was built in the early 1950s to meet the need for a Headquarters for the British Occupation Forces following the end of WWII. It now forms the Rhine Garrison with Elmpt Station.

The Rheindahlen Military Complex (JHQ) is a military township housing military and entitled civilian personnel and their families. Known as ‘little England’ by the local German community, JHQ is largely self-sufficient in terms of schooling, medical, welfare, spiritual, shopping and recreational provision. There are outstations at Wegberg, approximately 1 mile away and in Moenchengladbach, about 6 miles away. There are three local primary schools namely St Patrick's School , St Andrew's School and St George's School . There is also a Secondary School called Windsor School . The station has lots of amenities including a swimming pool, 2 gyms, fitness centre, large Naafi, several other shops selling various goods, bank, 3 churches, Adult Education Centre, cinema, library, bowling alley, Amateur Theatre Club, Medical Centre, Dental Centre.

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